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I just played this with friends and it was so much fun! We decided to play as artistic robots, made by a previous generation AI. We loved building our apocalyptic (for humans anyway) but beautiful world and finding out who had the most favor from our creator. I'll be thinking about our quirky little robot crew for awhile. And when I'm ready to play again I know there's enough to inspire a whole new story! Thanks for a great game :)


Thanks so much for playing, super glad you enjoyed it!


This game captures the feeling and spirit of FTQ and transforms it into many, many Science Fiction stories. I just played a game with the different creations of an evil crime boss and it was as goosbump-inducing, sad, atmospheric and funny as my first play of FTQ! I got this game through the Bundle for racial justice, so I’have re-purchased it now to gift this to one of my fellow players and allow others to get a community copy. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the kind words and re-purchasing, so glad you enjoyed the game!


I am playing Descended FTQ games at a upcoming con. If your gets chosen to play. I will pass the hat and send you what I get. Thanks for making community copies avaialble


This game is just perfect for my needs of transhumanism and SF story. Thank so much. 

Also probably the most beautifull hack of for the queen I have seen.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it