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Are any more community copies planned for the future? I would love to give this game a go! TvT

Hi there! We usually do one community copy per purchased copy, but I'm looking to do an extra round near the holidays, so keep an eye out :)

I totally will! Thanks for the heads up!


It's very easy to create a compelling and emotional story with this. This was one of my first solo TTRPGs, and I enjoyed. I only played about 9 turns before I felt like I was ready to put my Creation to rest, however, it was still enjoyable. 


Working on this for a project with a friend, and while I am an exceptionally slow writer, I am already having a lot of fun


An excellent experience all the way through. I really thoroughly enjoyed my time with this even though I feel that I might've taken breaks in places where I shouldn't have that ended up disturbing the flow of the story, it was a fantastic ride throughout and not only have I voiced over my game and posted it to my youtube channel, but I have also recommended the game to friends who also plan to do the same. One such friend suggested I leave you a link in case you want to listen to my experience with your game, which was surprisingly short: 

As My Body Crumbles was a great first solo-TTRPG experience and if anyone is reading these comments to see if they'd be interested in buying the game, you should, I'd highly recommend it .

Thank you so much for playing the game and sharing this video! I'm only a few minutes into the video, and I'm already quite touched by Venture's story. Recommendations and playthroughs like this are some of the most treasured things a game designer can ask for, so your kind words is so appreciated.


A gorgeous exploration; the method of tally marking gave me the most intense chills as the story progressed.

I gave it a run last night as my first solo journaling TTRPG experience, and I'm so glad to have started here! I definitely would like to do another run in the future; very much appreciate how vague the objects are for interpretation.


Thank you so much for the kind words! So glad that we could make your first solo journaling TTRPG experience a good one