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You were made to be unmade, given purposefully shortened life by a Creator who has abandoned you, leaving you with nothing but questions. 

Now you follow the trail of what your Creator left behind, trying to find answers as you feel your body crumble with every passing moment. You do not know how much longer you have to live, but what will you discover before you die?


As My Body Crumbles is a solo journaling TTRPG of discovery and death designed by Kienna Shaw (@KiennaS) and Jason Cutrone (@JustJasonPls).  Inspired by stories like Blade Runner and Frankenstein and using the framework of Before the Tower Falls, As My Body Crumbles lets you take on the role of an artificially created being in the last moments of their life. Setting and genre agnostic, you can play everything from a robot to a raised undead as you uncover objects and try to piece together answers about your existence, the past, and your Creator.

All you need to play is the rules, a standard deck of cards, and a pen/marker and paper.

CW: As My Body Crumbles explores themes of impending death that may parallel experiences of terminal or chronic illness, with player character death acting as an integral (and inevitable) part of the game


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Are any more community copies planned for the future? I would love to give this game a go! TvT

Hi there! We usually do one community copy per purchased copy, but I'm looking to do an extra round near the holidays, so keep an eye out :)

I totally will! Thanks for the heads up!


It's very easy to create a compelling and emotional story with this. This was one of my first solo TTRPGs, and I enjoyed. I only played about 9 turns before I felt like I was ready to put my Creation to rest, however, it was still enjoyable. 


Working on this for a project with a friend, and while I am an exceptionally slow writer, I am already having a lot of fun


An excellent experience all the way through. I really thoroughly enjoyed my time with this even though I feel that I might've taken breaks in places where I shouldn't have that ended up disturbing the flow of the story, it was a fantastic ride throughout and not only have I voiced over my game and posted it to my youtube channel, but I have also recommended the game to friends who also plan to do the same. One such friend suggested I leave you a link in case you want to listen to my experience with your game, which was surprisingly short: 

As My Body Crumbles was a great first solo-TTRPG experience and if anyone is reading these comments to see if they'd be interested in buying the game, you should, I'd highly recommend it .

Thank you so much for playing the game and sharing this video! I'm only a few minutes into the video, and I'm already quite touched by Venture's story. Recommendations and playthroughs like this are some of the most treasured things a game designer can ask for, so your kind words is so appreciated.


A gorgeous exploration; the method of tally marking gave me the most intense chills as the story progressed.

I gave it a run last night as my first solo journaling TTRPG experience, and I'm so glad to have started here! I definitely would like to do another run in the future; very much appreciate how vague the objects are for interpretation.


Thank you so much for the kind words! So glad that we could make your first solo journaling TTRPG experience a good one