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Within every building, every room, every brick: there is a story. 
As an Explorer, you will discover what secrets and stories lie within the Tower before it falls.

A solo TTRPG using a tumbling block tower and a standard deck of cards.

Created for the #AloneGameJam organized by Justin Joyce
Inspired by Takuma Okada’s Alone Among the Stars and Alex Robert’s Star Crossed


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Before the Tower Falls is about exploring a vast tower of mysteries and secrets before it crumbles into the ground. Will you be able to explore and get out or will you be there when it comes tumbling down?

This game uses a block tower to represent the tower and each turn you read one card, answer the prompt, and if you decide to keep exploring, pull a block from the tower. The suit will tell you what kind of item you found and the rank will be a short descriptor either where you found it or what kind of condition it's in.

You then choose 3 questions to answer about the items before you decide if you are going to keep exploring or head back home. The game can end at any time, or you can keep going until the tower falls.

I wrote about an explorer being called to the top of the tower and went for 20 rounds until it collapsed! You can find my playthrough Here

Thank you so much for playing Before the Tower Falls and for sharing your playthrough! What a wondrous and haunting experience you described

Thank you so much for this game ! I played a very Castlevania story made of doomed family and ghosts from the past.

Thanks so much for playing!

No : thank you for this awesome solo game :)

I've made a hack of your game that uses an app for random stuff : https://www.cestpasdujdr.fr/tour/?lang=en