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We played this on Hope's Hearth and the story we told was... so much. Not in a bad way at all, it was so much and so good. We told something bittersweet and beautiful, and the game led is through each part with gentle mechanics and tone.

It's a lovely game, 10/10

Thank you so much for playing! It always means so much to hear that people enjoyed the games I make, and I look forward to seeing it whenever the episode releases 


They're already out! :D

Wow, y'all have absolutely blown me away - thank you so much for bringing your hearts and imaginations together to tell this story with my game


That tweet that's quoted in the game is one of the minor touchstones of the universe we're creating, so when we were looking over games to play and saw yours, we had to play it. Thank you for writing such an incredible game that encouraged us to tell the story we did. 


Come Home is a short, philosophical game about bargaining. An astronaut is torn between staying in the stars and returning to groundside, and players lean into making that choice complicated.

The game is diceless, but still driven by a conflict, and may feel different than other narrative games.

It also implies some themes about death, and depending on how you frame the situation may end up pretty nihilistic.

I would strongly recommend this to anyone who likes weightier, thoughtful games, and I would definitely urge anyone who might be scared off by the dicelessness to give it another look.


Thank you for the thoughtful review of Come Home!