Dice Collab and Incoming v2

Since 2019 when I first published Heaven Nor Hell, I have learned a lot as a self-publishing game designer. Namely, I've learned a lot about how to better do game design, layout, marketing, and all of the stuff that comes attached to the game design world.

I've always been very proud of Heaven Nor Hell, and it's certainly one of my favourite games I've made. Over the past year I've thought about updating it as promised in the front page, but I never found very good reason to. However, some cool things have happened to make me change my mind!

I'm collaborating with Natural 20 Gaming Goods to bring a special dice-game bundle. The folx at Natural 20 have crafted a special set of dice inspired by Heaven Nor Hell, and from January 30th to October 30th they'll be available for purchase. With each set of dice sold, buyers also get a copy of Heaven Nor Hell v2, with updated layout and text and rules. Preorders are prioritized for people who are attending the Session Zero Online convention on January 30th.

You can get a sneak peek of the dice here

This also means I will be releasing v2 of Heaven Nor Hell on January 30th! Anyone who has a copy of v1 will get v2 for free.

Thanks so much for supporting Heaven Nor Hell!

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