Expansion Writers announcement!

The City of Neon Daylight is about to get even bigger, as we're very excited to announce that Bee ZeldaAmr Ammourazz, and Austin will be joining the Arcon team as our expansion writers! Thanks to all of you who've bought and shared and supported Arcon, we're able to make the setting even bigger with these three incredible writers. Each of them will be bringing their unique creative voices, experiences in TTRPG writing and worldbuilding, and views on cyberpunk to create new notable organizations/corporations/factions, notable factions, and NPCs that will be incorporated into the next version of the setting.

Please give our writers a warm welcome and check out who they are and what their other awesome projects are in their own words:

Bee Zelda

Bee Zelda your non binary busy bee @bee_zelda. They are a podcaster, a member of the Broadswords, the host of Anime Attache and a player the Power Play podcast. They are a twitch streamer, they have co-produced their own show on Roll20 called Indie Showcase, they have their own show on Wasabi Anime where they interview game designers and talk about their anime influences.

Amr Ammourazz

In an ideal world, Amr Ammourazz would be a digital manifestation of writing, math, and puns. In this world, they happen to be a physical one. You can find her work over on twitter (@ammourazz), where hum does everything from game design to streaming and podcasting. To see xir work, you can check out Chimera (play.chimera.games) for a fascinating genre blending PbtA that's setting agnostic and you could totally play with Arcon *wink wink nudge nudge*.


Austin does it all (too much), podcasting, game design, actual plays, if its a thing Austin is probably doing (doing way too much really). You can find most of his current projects over on twitter (@sailorsctaustin) or check out their podcast Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries, or tell a flower you wanna chat (don't worry she'll get the message).

Thank you again!

- Kienna and Jason

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